Monday, February 25, 2008

Look! A post!

Alright, I'm bored at work for another half an hour, so here's a GOP update!

This year, GOP has been characterized by numbers. There are tons of talented freshmen and sophomores that have been coming for both terms. In the fall, there were an average of about 3.7 healthy returners at every practice or tournament, so everybody got plenty of learning time and is looking sweet for the spring.

In recent new, GOP made a couple of trips south of the Arctic Circle for tournaments. First, a contingent of GOPpers made the 20 hour drive to New Orleans to engage in some good clean American fun at Mardi Gras. Though there was one run-in involving a Guardian Angel who apparently took issue with a rookie GOPper's bared ass, there were no reported arrests, and everyone made it back with at least some of their dignity. As far as frisbee goes, a team of three returners, one alum, and a shit ton of rookies played out of their minds. They were 4-1 on the weekend, beating the heavily favored Texas A&M.

After being back in Northfield for four days, GOP headed off to Sin City. There, we played down to some sub-par competition, but still finished the weekend 7-2. Frisbee aside, the weekend was amazing. The party consisted of a roaming progressive of nearly a thousand frisbee players down the Las Vegas Strip. One rookie landsharked the party; lacking a disc, he took a glowstick instead. The most notable win of the weekend might have been stealing the victory from the Hodags in the CUT v. Wisconsin game. GOP displayed its best heckling skills, including pantsing Hodag/GOPalum Sethmeyer during the intense half-time huddle. Here's a piece of dialog from the sidelines of that game:

Frank McNally: Dude, do you guys have a single creative major on your team?
Hodag on sideline: Huh?
Frank: Like an Art Major or an English major or anything?
Hodag: What?
Frank: That is the single lamest cheer I've ever heard.
[Their cheer consists of yelling "HO-DAGS" to the tune of "AIR-BALL," as if they were trying to discourage their own team.]
Hodag: ... CUT's cheer is lame.
Frank: Yea, we make fun of them, too.
Hodag: ... Shut up!

GOP's next debacle is scheduled for the third week of March when the Returning Champions head back to Folly Beach, SC for spring break. Updates might follow. Maybe.

Also, look at Boris' sweet disc design! That's Odin, the chief god of Norse mythology.


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