Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Site

Welcome to GoPsite 4.0.

GoPsite 3.0 is still up, and will maybe still be used in the future. For now, refer to this site for all the latest GoP happenings. I'm giving the blog thing a try because the other site could only really be updated by the webmaster. It was far too frustrating to try and update this site without knowing anything about web development or what not. Gathering content was very time-consuming, and feedback for the site was mixed (especially from Cesium, who absolutey hated the site. Thanks, ass.) I saw that a number of teams (Death or Glory, the Hodags, Brownian Motion) had begun using blogs for their teams. Say what you will--Blogs are easy to update, and highly accessible. If people like this, I'll give the team the username and password needed to add content like news, media, and the ever-important drunk email. If people are less excited, then we'll work with the developing site.

Right then. Later, fuckers.


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