Wednesday, July 26, 2006

One Month to Go...

Hard to believe, but there's only about one month before GoP dons their Hawaiians in search for booze, boobs, and victory. I can already hear Yui stumbling over words like "protrustion" or "pummel", and see Chris Ward angrily spiking the disc on some hapless rookie's dome. Though Splenda will be gone, Abe's mighty "yeah, Splenda" and subsequent ejaculation will resound over the wind swept plains of Duerr Fields. Yes, GoPfall is in the air.

Being said, as we prepare for the Fall season, it becomes important for returners to provide Captains with feedback and suggestions on how to improve the GoPexperience. If you feel so inclined (and really, what else are you doing?) send an email to myself, Thayne or Sean about ways to improve practice, tournaments, etc. If you want to include a few GoProspects that should be included on the email list, through those names in there as well.

I imagine we'll have some sort of returners-only meeting towards the beginning of the season, so look forward to that as well.

All for now.


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