Sunday, October 01, 2006


1. Yesterday, GoP defeated St. Olaf's split squads 13-10 and 13-8 respectively. I saw a lot of good things, so let's keep up the great work at practice.

2. Next weekend, GoP will play at Exit 69. This is a great tournament because the competition is good, and we can sleep in our own beds at night. Returners will meet soon to decide who'll join GoP this weekend. Tuesday's practice will be open, but expect Friday's to be closed to only those who are invited.

3. Finally, a gem from Gaetan.

Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 03:39:19 -0500 [03:39:19 AM CDT]

Dearest GoP,

I write to you all at such a late hour and a slightly intoxicated state in order to
convey to you all a night of epic proportions. While many events may have transpired
tonight (sept 30th) I wish to tell you all one story in particular. While this story may
be long and slightly rambling, I trust you will read it. You will not be disappointed.

The charatcers: Myself, Carbomb, Ben Jacoff
Setting: The Rueb

Gaetan, Ben, and Carbomb were enjoying a relaxing, and slightly low-key, night out.
Being 21, we naturally were drawn to Northfield's booming nightlight-hub, the Rueb. As
we are relaxing and taking in the 'atmosphere' present à la rueb, we happen to notice a
large group of cowgirl-themed women enter the bar. It is apparent that this is not the
first establishment they have frequented tonight and two women immediately, for reasons
unbenknowns to myself, sit at our table. Pleasantries are exchanged and we become privy
to the information that, in fact, this is none-other than a bachelorette party. Plot

[Fast forward to closing time]

Having meet the majority of the group by now we amble outside without any place to go.
One would guess that the bachelorette party would go its own way and our heros would head
back to their dorms to sleep. This did not happen. Ben Jacoff proceeded to extend an
invitation to bachelorette party. "I have booze at my house, why don't we head there?"
The entire group consults and decideds that this is not a great idea. Three ladies,
however, think otherwise. As the rest of the group enters a taxi and proceed to yell/try
and drag these three rebelious ladies into the taxi, they will have none o fit. Dammit,
these three ladies were going to go get drunk at some college guy's house whether their
friends liked it or not. They march defiantly to Ben's townhouse accompanied by myself,
ben, and the illustrious Carbomb.


Okay I'm getting tired and while the whole narratyive thing is amusing and all, I'll cut
tot he chase. Bulletpoint style.

-Of three ladies, 1 married with two kids, 1 engaged, another single as far as I could
ascertain. (Coulda been trouble GoP. Coulda been trouble)
-All three live/work in the cities.
-All three ladies 28
-At 3.00am they attempt to go home. All taxis services closed. One suggest just
walking. At this point we say 'eayh go for it' (don't want to have to deal with bities
(sorry jon)). We ask where walking to. They say Dundass (Dundess? how the feckdo you
spell that?). We tell them that is a poor plan.
-Three head out. The one carbomb had been macking on for the entire night (engaged one)
comes back and stops him outside his house. 'I can't walk tonight, could I just stay
here maybe?' Carbomb does honourable thing and sends her backto friends (props CB).
Plus I don't want some fiancé guy hunt me down.

GoP: 1
Bachelorette party: 0




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