Friday, June 30, 2006

What is GoP?

Frequently asked questions about GoP, as told by Eric Lindgren '05. Taken without permission from the old site (


Everyone else has one, why not us?

Q: Maybe I missed this part, but what in the #*(^! is GoP?
A: GoP is a Ultimate Frisbee team at Carleton College in Northfield, MN. No, not THOSE guys.

Q: Oh, right, I heard about you lawn faeries. So, do you have any connection to the GOP?
A: The GoP? We are THE GoP! Perhaps you are referring to the "Grand Old Party," in which case, I can not answer except to say that we have been known to use their flag as the following: sarong, cape, table cloth, toilet paper, nookie blanket, tourniquet, and a few things that I can't put on the web. Oh yeah, the lawn faeries thing. Send me your email address, house address, and physical description and I think we can clear this misunderstanding up fairly quickly.

Q: When did GoP get its start?
A: Early 1995.

Q: Did it have a different name back "in those days?"
A: Nope, but apparently, Seaquest 2000 was considered for a possible name.

Q: What do your uniforms look like?
A: Hawaiian. They look very Hawaiian. We also have standard issue blue and yellow soccer socks. Very chic. While, I am on this topic, I would like to say that when we make it to college nationals, we will not conform to your stupid ass rules about having single-color jerseys with numbers on the back. Suck our collective balls. For more information on this ridiculousness, click here.

Q: Suppose that GoP had an official team drink, what would it be? This question has also been phrased like so: I am a tool, and I need someone that I can be just like, will you help me?
A: It turns out that GoP is somewhat split on this issue. It used to be the case that Hooper's Hooch was undoubtedly the team's official drink. So much revolved around it. However, in recent past, a resurgence of Miller High Life fans has occurred. In actuality, however, we just love to drink. If it has alcohol in it, we will drink, have drunk, or are drinking it. As far as being a tool is concerned, we can't help you.

Q: Is there any one place from which you find your inspiration?
A: We at GoP are huge fans of The Onion. Much inspirational material has been from this site. Aside from being a source of inspiration, it is just fun to read.

Q: Do you have any mascots? An elephant, perhaps?
A: Yes, we do indeed have a mascot. His name, is Fruit Pooch. Now, the pooch has an interesting history, but you can read about that later. You should also note that there is a drink named after the pooch. Take a Berry Hooch, and mix with Hawaiian Punch. Enjoy! Alright dorks, that is enough with the smart-ass comments regarding the GOP. You can stop now.

Q: Yo, this site really blows. To whom do I complain?
A: Bite my ass

Q: Yo, your site is totally cool and I have a super-constructive comment about it. Who would I talk to about that?
A: That's better.

Christ, Lindgren was an asshole.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Site

Welcome to GoPsite 4.0.

GoPsite 3.0 is still up, and will maybe still be used in the future. For now, refer to this site for all the latest GoP happenings. I'm giving the blog thing a try because the other site could only really be updated by the webmaster. It was far too frustrating to try and update this site without knowing anything about web development or what not. Gathering content was very time-consuming, and feedback for the site was mixed (especially from Cesium, who absolutey hated the site. Thanks, ass.) I saw that a number of teams (Death or Glory, the Hodags, Brownian Motion) had begun using blogs for their teams. Say what you will--Blogs are easy to update, and highly accessible. If people like this, I'll give the team the username and password needed to add content like news, media, and the ever-important drunk email. If people are less excited, then we'll work with the developing site.

Right then. Later, fuckers.